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Flybits Ranked #1 Context-Aware Tool by Forrester Research

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Forrester Research Inc. has highlighted Flybits, a Toronto-based startup company, as the number one context-aware tool for its emerging cloud and context-aware middleware solution.

TORONTO, April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – Forrester Research Inc. has highlighted Flybits, a Toronto-based startup company, as the number one context-aware tool for its emerging cloud and context-aware middleware solution.

Anthony Mullen’s report, “Emerging Touchpoints Require a Marketing Mind Shift,” encourages marketing professionals to increase corporate investments in innovative practices and procedures in areas such as customer experience, analytics, IT and product design — all of which the Flybits framework addresses.

To address the problem of information overload on mobile devices, Flybits unifies the mobile user experience across multiple channels, creating a cohesive mobile presence for a company’s communication needs. Rather than introducing heterogeneous mobile channels to users, all relevant information can be structured within Flybits Zones — semantic-driven, rule-oriented geo-fences.

The Flybits Activity Recognition Engine (FARE), processes and disseminates information to users in real-time by creating these zones and then processes the contextual parameters surrounding each individual, automatically crafting a customized experience. The platform allows businesses to have real-time and direct engagement with their mobile customers through an intuitive and easy-to-use web portal, which does not impose significant infrastructure or integration costs. As part of the portal, the Flybits Analytics engine generates reconfigurable and customized analytics for companies using a proprietary mobile sensing technology

“With the help of our partners, we are creating Zones for every location on earth using our mapping engine, building a spectrum of relevance for mobile users. Every participating company can have a significant mobile presence and deliver relevant content to a broad spectrum of users with varying interests and requirements,” says Dr. Hossein Rahnama , Flybits’ founder and CEO. “Flybits leverages the sensing capabilities of mobile devices, serving customized and timely information to each user in manageable volumes through an intuitive mobile interface.”

“Forrester’s recognition of the Flybits platform positions the company as a leader in the development of innovative, emerging context-aware technology that will drive the ubiquitous use of mobile devices,” says Dr. Raphael Hofstein , president & CEO ofMaRS Innovation.

The endorsement follows the 2012 MIT Technology Review‘s identifying Rahnama as one of the world’s top innovators under the age of 35 (TR35) based on his work on the Flybits platform. In December 2012, The Smithsonian also referred to Rahnama as one of the Top 6 Innovators to watch in 2013 because of his work on Flybits.

Flybits has also demonstrated its prolific technology at several high-profile industry events, including digitalNow 2013 on April 4at Disney World Resort in Florida. Rahnama demonstrated the technology and spoke about how it is defining a new spectrum of communication and interaction for the public and enterprises. Rahnama’s digitalNow presentation is available to watch on demand. Website registration is required to access event footage; registration is free.

About Flybits
Flybits, founded by Dr. Hossein Rahnama and a team of Ryerson University computer science students, graduates and professionals, is commercializing a cloud-based platform for creating applications that deliver the ultimate mobile user experience. The company’s core middleware platform, Flybits Activity Recognition Engine (FARE) enables enterprises to benefit globally from Ubiquitous Relevance™: customers, employees and suppliers all receive timely and tailored information when needed. Flybits creates opportunities, connecting people and places to possibilities™.

Flybits is a spin-off company of Ryerson University with the participation of MaRS Innovation. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, with an office in the United Kingdom. For further information, visit www.flybits.com.

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Image: Courtesy Flybits

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