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How a Freelance Data Center Engineer can Help in Recovering Data Center Disaster

By   /  October 31, 2017  /  No Comments

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When disaster strikes your data center, your business stops in its tracks.  Hopefully, you have a disaster preparation plan and can put it into action quickly and get back up and be running quickly.  But even if you do have a plan, you might need some extra help in solving the issues. A freelance data center engineer could be a great help in a situation like this. Your own IT department might be able to handle the emergency and get you back up and running, but even in that scenario there is still going to be some work required to get your system healthy once again.

Freelancers, in general, are a great bang for the buck in any industry.  You get a qualified person to help with a job, and while you may pay more per hour, you don’t have to pay any benefits. They are usually available at any time as well. A good idea is to have a list of three or four that you can call when disaster strikes, and hopefully at least one will be available.

The data center engineer keeps the servers running, and that can include the entire process if need be. You can also find freelance data center engineer certified in your hardware. In the middle of the disaster it may be hard to get one, but once things settle down a bit, you will be ready to work on total recovery. That is when a freelance data center engineer can help your business.

The freelancer can find the problems that led to your disaster and repair whatever is needed to get your system healthy again. Your IT department would no doubt need the extra help if there were a major disaster.

When disaster comes you will be relying on accessing your backups to get recovery of your data. Finding a freelancer familiar with your hardware system can get to work on that while your regular staff gets the overall system going, for instance.

Failures can come in many ways to a data center. There can be network failure, device failure, storage failure or a general site failure. You can also have a combination of any of these at one time.  This is one of the scenarios that make data center engineer jobs essential to any large company that has a data center.

You could also use a freelance data center engineer to develop a disaster recovery plan. They can also help your staff maintain the system to prevent disasters from happening.  Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands, and finding someone who has the skills you need, and who has been vetted, can make the difference.

So where do you find a freelance data center engineer? There are many good internet and job placement resources available. Such platforms are designed to bring freelance engineers and businesses together in the telecom and other industries.  You may find engineers who can help you immediately.  Data center engineers may also use such resources to get quick jobs as freelancers. That can lead to data center engineer jobs, or at least give workers enough experience to land a good job. Web resources are designed to help both businesses who need help, and technical engineers connect with companies who need them.

About the author

Malik Zakaria is an entrepreneur, innovator, and tech executive. Founder and CEO of FieldEngineer.com , a Marketplace of On-Demand telecom workforce, ranging from field engineers to high-level network engineers, project managers and Network Architects in 146 countries. Malik launched FieldEngineer in January 2016 to provide business customers a network of On-Demand engineers, a global workforce of Field Engineers to high-level Network Engineers and Project Managers. Field Engineer was launched to solve supply and demand engineer gap in the telecommunications industry. As founder of FieldEngineer, Malik understands the future of work, from global forces impacting the job market and the rise of the freelance economy to how companies are changing the way they build teams and bridging skills gaps. FieldEngineer is helping companies tap into global human capital at much higher rates. The telecom industry needs a transition from the high-cost impacting workforce to a less cost impacting workforce. He is leading a trend in building cross-border teams and outsourcing niche services Follow Malik on: LinkedIn Follow Field Engineer on: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

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