French Project Datalift Seeks to Interlink Data

A new research project out of France known as Datalift seeks to bring “raw structured data coming from various formats (relational databases, CSV, XML, … ) to semantic data interlinked on the Web of Data.” The project will be fully funded by the French national research agency for the next three years.

According to Datalift’s website, “Datalift will both publish datasets coming from a network of partners and data providers and propose a set of tools for easing the datasets publication process.” The tools mentioned directly include, “selecting ontologies for publishing data, converting data to the appropriate format (RDF using the selected ontology), publishing the linked data, [and] interlinking data with other data sources.”

Datalift’s mission page states, “Datalift will perform research on this topic with the goal of automating the interlinking process. Datalift will also research on novel methods for attaching licenses to linked data. Integrating all those technologies together, the Datalift platform will provide a complete process for lifting semantic data with the objective to become the reference platform for semantic data lifting. Datalift will finally publish data through a network of data providers with the objective of constituting the interlinked Web database sufficient to develop innovative applications and bring other data providers to lift their data.”

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ existentist