The Future of the Internet: What Will it Look Like?


Cadell Last of The Huffington Post recently wrote, "The Internet is a ubiquitous phenomenon that seemingly emerged out of nowhere. In my opinion, this emergence represents the most powerful example of exponential computational improvements. You don't need me to tell you that the effects of networked computers have been overwhelmingly pervasive, but I find that too few people realize that the Internet is still in its infancy, and it's still got a lot of evolving to do."

Last continues, "So what is the future of this medium? How will it continue to shape our lives in the 2020s? 2030s? 2040s? Like the second The Advanced Apes video Can We Live Forever?, I put my futurist hat on and tried to see what we can expect from the Internet in the near-term future."

Last adds, "The point of this discussion is two-fold. First, the Internet should continue to accelerate in its growth at an exponential pace until all 7 (or 8) billion of us are connected. Second, exponential growth does not just apply to the Internet, but also to all the information and communication technologies (ICT) that we build the Internet with." How do you see the Semantic Web impacting the technologies the speaker discusses?

Image: Courtesy The Advanced Apes