Get a Grip on Big Data with ‘Content Intelligence’


Jeremy Bentley of KMWorld recently wrote, "The age of the Internet has made us accustomed to having all the information we could want readily available at our fingertips – quite literally so, thanks to laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices… Unfortunately, we rarely experience the same level of data accessibility in our workplaces, where internal information assets can be massive and hugely complex—and not at all easy to access search with the pinpoint precision that is usually required to find a very specific document or piece of content. Addressing this challenge should be high on the priorities list of any organization aiming to extract value efficiently from unstructured content. But it is proving to be no easy task."


He continues, "It is neither affordable nor plausible to manually categorize vast volumes of documents and images—otherwise known as Big Content. Instead, turning this mass of information into a usable source of knowledge and insight requires Content Intelligence— which entails employing applications and tools that radically improve an enterprise’s ability to find and organize information by endowing systems with more effective taxonomy management and semantic search capability. These automated meta-tagging/mark-up systems need to be able to perform the task of accurately and consistently categorizing and labelling documents and images while leaving them in their original locations, avoiding the expense of formatting and ingesting huge volumes of disparate information into a single hub. What these companies need to improve their performance and productivity, therefore, are systems that are capable of automatically and accurately categorizing and tagging their unstructured data. It is only then that these organizations can harness the power locked in this data."


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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ Atmospheric Infrared Sounder