Getting Involved with the School of Data

The Open Knowledge Foundation's new School of Data has announced several ways that Semantic Web professionals can get involved. According to the site, "The School of Data is a friendly and inclusive community of people who are enthusiastic about working with data. Whether you are an experienced data wrangler, a beginner keen to gain skills and help others, or an organisation looking to join the School of Data partnership, there are many ways you can get involved with the School of Data."

It continues, "In the early development stages of the School of Data, we are seeking volunteers to: (1) Add content to the Data Wrangling Handbook! The Data Wrangling Handbook will function as the ‘course textbook’ for the School of Data. If you have experience with a particular tool, technique, process or pitfall, we’d love you to write a short chapter. The skeleton outline can be viewed already, and we will be fleshing out the details and adding content over the coming months. To offer feedback and to contribute, either submit an issue to our tracker, edit directly on Github, or email schoolofdata [@] with details of what you would like to add or change. (2) Share materials and resources. Useful resources (existing reference materials, online guides, educational materials etc), can be submitted via this spreadsheet. Datasets can be added directly to the School of Data group on the DataHub."

The list continues, "(3) Help edit, proof-read and test-run challenges and courses. Sign up to the interactive School of Data development mailing list, and introduce yourself to the community. NB: there are two mailing lists! This one is higher traffic and interactive discussion is fully encouraged. (4) Stay in touch. Sign-up to the quieter announce list, or follow the School of Data on Twitter: @SchoolofData. (5) Donate. The School of Data is generously funded by Open Society Foundations and the Shuttleworth Foundation. All donations received will help us to expand and improve School of Data courses. You can donate directly to the School of Data via our secure Paypal account."

Learn more here.

Image: Courtesy OKF