Getting More Out of the Web with iGlue

According to a recent article, iGlue makes virtually any webpage more informative through rich annotations: “There are plenty of projects out there vying to 'annotate the Web’ in different ways, from Apture to Google SideWiki and Pushnote, but iGlue is different because it combines a simple concept with rich data and a wiki-like approach. The idea behind iGlue is to add rich background information to any web page, automatically, as an additional ‘layer’ on top of the page. Once you’ve installed this browser plugin, a click of the iGlue button will load up yellow highlighted marks over words in the text on the page you’re looking at."

The article continues, “Once clicked [see above image], any of these yellow marks will load up further information about the keyword they’re attached to. So, in this case, we’ve clicked ‘Microsoft’ and up has popped a box containing further information the US tech giant. iGlue pulls in images, company information, videos, relevant locations (in this case, Sony offices), links from around the Web and relevant items on”

The article adds, “What’s impressive about iGlue is that this is done automatically through semantic analysis of the web page, working out the most relevant text to highlight – the things you’re most likely to want to read more about.”

Read more here. You can also get a more complete view of iGlue from this article by our own Jennifer Zaino: Semantic Search and Annotation Service iGlue Aims To Change The Way of Connecting Content Online

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