Getting the ‘Best in Class’ Experience with Rummble Labs

A new provider of personalized recommendations technology, Rummble Labs recently announced the first phase of its launch. According to the release, “Rummble Labs provides a compelling solution that filters out all the “noise” and delivers only the most relevant, most accurate and most meaningful data, precisely at the moment most useful to the consumer.”

The release continues, “Targeting enterprises seeking ‘best in class’ customer experience, including e-commerce, social networking, media streaming and advertising companies, Rummble Labs has begun working with selective partners to solve the ‘data overload’ problem. Through precise tracking of user activity such as purchases, reviews, ratings, postings, check-ins, ‘likes’ and comments, Rummble Labs is able to create a complete ‘trust graph’, in turn delivering precise and relevant data and recommendations. Rummble Labs technology allows users to discover new products and services that they may have never considered, experience services uniquely tailored to their “taste and needs”, and to engage with brands with intimacy never before possible.”

Image: Courtesy Rummble Labs