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Ginger Software Aims to Be Best Spell/Grammar Checker for Android

By   /  February 26, 2013  /  4 Comments

Rip Empson of TechCrunch reports, “Ginger Software is on a mission to become the go-to spell-checking tool for Android.”

Rip Empson of TechCrunch reports, “Ginger Software is on a mission to become the go-to spell-checking tool for Android. This week, the Israeli makers of natural language technology designed to help native and ESL speakers better express themselves, released its latest free mobile app for Android, called the Ginger Keyboard.  Simply put, the Keyboard is a straightforward, easy-to-use proofreading app that allows users to correct full texts with one click. While there are plenty of proofreading and grammar apps to be found in Google Play, most of them are educational apps, grammar exercises and dictionaries. However, Ginger’s new app is meant to your cross-app proofreading tool, as it integrates with any and all Android apps you have installed on your phone, whether it be SMS, email, Twitter or Facebook.”

He goes on, “The idea, Ginger founder and CEO Yael Karov says, is not just to be another name in the text-correction software space, but to be able to provide better contextual understanding of natural language. Based on its advanced natural language parsing platform, Ginger’s Keyboard works to both correct grammar errors and misused words, but also adapt to the user’s own way of speaking, the proper names he or she uses and, over time, even slang.”

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Image: Courtesy Ginger Software

  • Robin Scott

    That may be the biggest myth of all, as The Ladders points out
    conventional wisdom says hiring managers spend four to five minutes on a proofreading guide.

  • Eva Flynn

    Whenever I searched for good grammar checker tool I found Ginger there. After using this software I would love to suggest it to everyone as it is a best and instant grammer checker . Love it!

  • jared Anema

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  • jkyui

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