Google Glass, Small Business, & the Internet of Things

Ron Callari of InventorSpot recently discussed the role Google Glass could take in small business. He writes, "The small business folk I'm thinking would gravitate to Glass are journalists and bloggers who would be able to report instantaneously while on a remote assignment, in advance of returning to their computers. Store owners with the use of QR codes would be able to promote specials and discounted promos to consumers who are passing their shops. Imagine being able to conduct a meeting while walking down the street, while simultaneously reading your emails. You could collaborate with co-workers, read their documents while communicating with them verbally. Small business owners could solve mundane issues quicker, allowing them to spend less time on the tactical and more time on the strategic side of their business."

He continues, "While semantic technology, augmented realty and the Internet of Things is still in its infancy stage, Glass will only speed up its progress, as small business owners will be able to connect with all the objects in their offices and homes that eventually will be sharing data in real-time. Google has already applied for patents attached to this technology, so Glass will become the hands-down front-runner in this field. Similar to the industrial revolution of the last century, the Semantic Web era is fast approaching and the Big G is once again primed to lead the charge."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ sndrv