Google Glass Underscores Value of Targeted Marketing Data

Laurie Sullivan of Media Post reports, "Marketers wondering how their optimization efforts will pay off need only look at the small chunks of hyper-relevant targeted information that emphasize a movement toward semantic data. The data comes from Google's Knowledge Graph and semantic markup, Reva McEachern, global SEO supervisor at Resolution Media, explains. 'Marketers need to implement as many schema as possible by leveraging semantic data,' she said. 'If you have reviews or images of people on your Web site, identify and code them, because it's important to define each thing on the page. Google is trying to determine how to display those things on the cards'."

Sullivan goes on, "Google Glass users don't see search engine results the way they would appear on a mobile device or a desktop. Cards with bits of information integrated into Google Now replace the search page. Each card shows one entry in a search result -- one result per card. For instance, McEachern issues a voice command and creates a video in the moment. She pushes a video to Google+ or Facebook. If she chooses to make those videos public, someone searching for information will only find them if Google deems the content relevant based on historic searches, time of day, geographic location, and more."

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Image: Courtesy Google