Google Incorporating Gmail into Search

Marcela De Vivo reports that Google is experimenting with incorporating Gmail into search results. De Vivo explains, "If you are taking a trip to Tahoe and want to learn more about biking, Google would pull up information about biking in Tahoe into the main organic SERPs. Additionally, they will search your Gmail inbox for emails, including the terms 'biking in Tahoe,' and deliver those results on the top, right hand side of the SERPs, giving you access to personalized information regarding your keyword."

De Vivo lists a few observations from initial tests of the new search feature: "(1) Google is pulling up between one and five results from Gmail. (2) Results are very quick, and an email sent with the relevant keyword will appear within 10-15 minutes in the Gmail SERPs. (3) Keyword density seems to be a factor. At the moment Google seems to be relying on 'exact matches' as on every query, the exact term was found matched in either the from field, subject, or body. (4) How recent the email is seems to be a big factor, with newer emails are ranked at the top. (5) In cases where there is a relevant local results page, Google will serve the map above the Gmail results. (6) In cases where there are relevant shopping results, no Gmail results appear in the SERPs."

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Image: Courtesy Search Engine Journal