Google is Investing Heavily in AI, the Internet of Things


Scott Raynovich of CMS Wire recently wrote, "Boston Dynamics, Nest and DeepMind. In the past month, Google has gone on yet another acquisition binge, spending at least $4 billion on a trio of startups that seem only loosely connected — robotics, home automation and artificial intelligence, respectively. Is there a central strategy, and what does it mean to the future of Google, the Internet of Things and Customer Experience? Based on a pattern of deals and feedback from leading experts, it appears Google believes the future is heavily connected to data gathering, machine learning and automation, which all of these companies have in common. 'In a broader pattern, if Google is focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, how is this kind of semantic understanding going to help us make decisions faster and do our jobs,' said David Schubmehl, a research director with International Data Corp. (IDC)."


Raynovich continues, "Let's follow the patterns. Here are the main things Google appears to like in its deals. Smart People: Google no doubt makes deals where really smart people are involved. It clearly likes Nest Founder and CEO Tony Fadell, a former Apple design guru credited with designing the iPod. DeepMind was founded by neuroscientist and chess champion Demis Hassabis, who many consider to be a genius. Data: Google likes to buy things that have the capability to either collect or analyze data. Nest, for example, is a home-automation startup that produces a sophisticated thermostat and smoke detector, giving Google to access to a million or more homes… Analytics and AI: Once you have the data, you need to do something with it. This is Google's strength, going all the way back to its first product, the search engine. If you take the data, analyze it, and process it, and you can provide value to people. That's Google's core function in a nutshell."


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Image: Courtesy Google