Google Knowledge Graph Launches Worldwide for English-Language Users

Dieter Bohn reports, "At a small event [yesterday] at Google's San Francisco offices, the company announced that its Knowledge Graph product will be launching worldwide [today]. It's unfortunately limited to English language users, but Google says that is taking care to change what information the Knowledge Graph presents based on location. In the example the company gave, a search for 'Chiefs' would present information about the football team in the US, but the rugby team in Australia."

Bohn continues, "Google also demonstrated some expansions of the Knowledge Graph interface. It's able to present a top-bar version of the Knowledge Graph features in the main window of search, which worked equally well on desktop and on a tablet. Jack Menzel, director of product management for Knowledge Graph, said that 'we can pivot the results around the sets of things that you are looking for.' Essentially, Knowledge Graph is able to understand related types of 'things' like roller coasters, lighthouses, or astronauts and present them in a horizontal list."

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Image: Courtesy Google