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Google Launches New Machine Learning Research Group in Zurich

By   /  June 17, 2016  /  No Comments

googleby Angela Guess

Eric David reports in SiliconAngle, “Google has been making major strides over the last few years in the field of artificial intelligence research, with important breakthroughs like AlphaGo and more recently with its Magenta project. Now, Google has announced that it will continue striving for new advancements in AI with the launch a new Machine Learning Research Group located in Zurich, Switzerland… The new research group will be dedicated to improving machine learning techniques to supercharge Google’s services. ‘Google Research, Europe, will foster an environment where software engineers and researchers specialising in ML (Machine Learning) will have the opportunity to develop products and conduct research right here in Europe, as part of the wider efforts at Google,’ Emmanuel Mogenet, Head of Google Research in Europe, wrote in a blog post.”

David goes on, “Mogenet said that the new research group will primarily focus on machine learning, which allows an AI to learn and improve itself over time; natural language processing, which allows computers to understand normal human speech; and machine perception, which allows computers to understand sensory input like images or sounds. ‘In pursuit of these areas, the team will actively research ways in which to improve ML infrastructure, broadly facilitating research for the community, and enabling it to be put to practical use,’ Mogenet explained. ‘Furthermore, researchers in the Zurich office will be uniquely able work closely with team linguists, advancing Natural Language Understanding in collaboration with Google Research groups across the world, all while enjoying Mountain Views of a different kind’.”

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Photo credit: Google

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