Google News Remodel to Include Google+ Conversations

Google reports that the company's news service, Google News "is undergoing a makeover and will now include content from the firm's new social network. Google News, which has only gone live in the U.S. to date, will see Google+ conversations from people's 'circles' and other high profile users right onto the search engine's news homepage. In a blog post about the changes, Scott Zuccarino, product manager of Google News, said the feature brings Google+ conversations right to the Google News homepage. 'Many news stories inspire vibrant discussions on Google+, and today we're starting to add this content to both the News homepage, and the real-time coverage pages,' Zuccarino wrote."

The article continues, "According to The Telegraph, the latest move to weave the Facebook rival into one of Google's most powerful products is a bid to boost the popularity of the service. The other significant change in Google News is the addition of real-time coverage on a topic. The 'real-time' button would allow people to see the latest news articles listed chronologically. Beneath that is a list of comment pieces or in-depth articles."

Image: Courtesy Google+