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Why Google's Hummingbird is a Big Deal

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Gerry Brown of Business Insider recently wrote, “Last week, Google announced a brand new algorithm for its search engine, called Hummingbird.”


Gerry Brown of Business Insider recently wrote, “Last week, Google announced a brand new algorithm for its search engine, called Hummingbird. Although Google often produces updates and enhancements (such as the ‘Caffeine Update’ in 2010, and ‘Penguin’ and ‘Panda’ since), the last time Google introduced a brand new algorithm was 2001, so it is a big change. Although Google has not given away many details, it said that Hummingbird is focused on ranking information based on a more intelligent understanding of search requests. As Internet data volumes explode we increasingly have to type more and more words into Google Search to gain greater accuracy of results. Often we need to conduct multiple searches to find the information we are looking for, which is frustrating and time consuming.”

Brown continues, “This is because the Search results we currently receive reflect the matching combination of key words that a search phrase contains, rather than the true meaning of the sentence itself. Search results produced by Hummingbird will reflect the full semantic meaning of longer search phrases, and should in theory produce more accurate results. For example Hummingbird will more greatly consider question words like ‘how’ ‘why’, ‘where’ and ‘when’ in search phrases, in addition to content keywords. Hence Hummingbird moves the emphasis of search from ‘results’ to ‘answers’. Google also has acknowledged that the number of mobile and voice-based searches is increasing. Such voice searches are in natural language, and may not therefore contain the keywords we might finesse on a computer keyboard. These ‘on the fly’ searches are likely to return poor results using a keyword search system.”

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