Gravity Pulls in $10.6M in Funding for Personalization

Jennifer Van Grove of Venture Beat reports, "Gravity is inescapable, especially if we’re talking about the content personalization startup that goes by that name. Three-year-old Gravity has secured $10.6 million in new funding to expand more rapidly and bring its so-cool-it’s-creepy personalization technology to even more publishers. Founded in 2009, Gravity performs semantic analysis on social updates and trending topics in aggregate to automatically identify a person’s interests. That data is then used in tools that help publishers make content recommendations, customize homepages, display viral stories, or serve ads."

CEO and co-founder Amit Kapur commented, “We’ve always believed that digital experiences shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all… The next major shift beyond the social web will be the personal web. Gravity’s platform helps drive that evolution by helping every website and application tune itself for you and deliver you content you’ll love." Van Grove continued, "Gravity, which competes with Facebook in some respects, currently serves up more than 25 million content recommendations to more than 200 million people. Partner publishers include CNNMoney, The Wall Street Journal, and TechCrunch."

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Image: Courtesy Gravity