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H2O.ai Unveils Sparkling Water 2.0

By   /  July 4, 2016  /  No Comments

h2by Angela Guess

A new article out of the company announces, “H2O.ai, the company bringing AI to business, today announced the availability of Sparkling Water 2.0. Sparkling Water 2.0 builds off the enormous popularity of Sparkling Water, H2O.ai’s API for Apache Spark, with additional features and functionality. New features include the ability to interface with Apache Spark, Scala and MLlib via H2O.ai’s Flow UI, build ensembles using algorithms from both H2O and MLlib and give Spark users the power of H2O’s visual intelligence capabilities.”

The article goes on, “Sparkling Water was designed to allow users to get the best of Apache Spark — its elegant APIs, RDDs and multi-tenant Context — along with H2O’s speed, columnar-compression and fully-featured machine learning algorithms. Sparkling Water also allows for greater flexibility when it comes to finding the best algorithm for a given use case. Apache Spark’s MLlib offers a library of efficient implementations of popular algorithms directly built using Spark. Sparkling Water empowers enterprise customers to use H2O algorithms in conjunction with, or instead of, MLlib algorithms on Apache Spark.”

Matt Aslett, Research Director of Data Platforms and Analytics at 451 Research, commented, “Enterprises are looking to take advantage of a variety of machine learning algorithms to address an increasingly complex set of use cases when determining how to best serve their customers… Sparkling Water is likely to be attractive to H2O and Spark users alike, enabling them to mix and match algorithms as required.”

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Photo credit: H2O.ai

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