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How to Harness Your Data in 2015

By   /  December 31, 2014  /  No Comments

harnessby Angela Guess

Chris Preimesberger of eWeek recently wrote, “The more data enterprises store up about their customers, the markets, their competitors and their own organizations, the more opportunity the enterprise will have to obtain insights that will help grow the bottom line. There is great potential power in big data. The question all enterprises need to ask themselves is this: How are we going to harness all this information, and do it efficiently, so that the IT we use pays us dividends?”

He goes on, “What types of software will be needed to wring out the truly illuminative facts and figures in volumes of data storage? Enterprises will need a few new-gen tools to do this: Secure storage and backup with encryption, solid and dependable data management, and good data visualization (DV) should all be on that list. There’s quite a bit of competition in this space. Some of the most interesting independent providers to watch here include Tableau, Advanced Visual Systems, Lucky Sort (now owned by Twitter), MetaLayer, JasperSoft, Pentaho, Infogram Tibco, 1010 Data, Qlik and Palantir. The Big Guys—Salesforce, Google, SAS, IBM, SAP, Hewlett-Packard, Oracle, Dell, Cisco Systems and EMC—all have their own DV packages, and their market presences and track records are always important considerations.”

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