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Hello World

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By Christine Denney

Does that phrase bring back memories? No? Here’s a hint – what’s the first thing that a programmer learns to do? Print ‘Hello World’ on the screen. What a thrill! Having everything compile and then seeing those words appear on the screen was exciting enough to lure a young girl into the world of technology. For my first blog, I thought it appropriate to first pay homage to my humble beginnings in I.T. because they led me to the world of data. I am very excited to be writing a series of articles and blogs for Dataversity. Before I dive in, I want to introduce myself.

Who am I?

I am a “data lifer” who is passionate about the potential of data. I eat, sleep, and breathe it. (Okay, maybe that’s a little too much passion…) During my career, I have held pretty much every type of data-related role, including business analyst, architect, data analyst, data modeler, and database administrator, but I must confess that modeling was (and still is) my favorite.

Why MDM?

My current focus (and the focus of my upcoming blog series) is Master Data Management. Reference and Master Data have been growing and maturing at my company for over 12 years. The landscape includes a diverse set of capabilities, from large ERP systems and Master Data hubs to industry code sets and home-grown solutions for particular business-related subject areas. The past few years have been quite a wild ride as I attempted to learn as much as possible about best practices for MDM and Data Governance and turn that knowledge into solutions. My new role involves defining strategies for expanding Master Data Management to the Enterprise level (“big E”, which I will talk about in a future blog) – an interesting feat!

I look forward to sharing my MDM journey with you and hearing your thoughts and questions!

NOTE: Thoughts expressed in this blog are the author’s and not her employer’s.

About the author

Christine Denney is responsible for Enterprise MDM strategy and implementation at a fortune 500 company. She has almost 20 years of experience in systems development and data management, with a focus on Data Governance, Reference Data, and Master Data Management for the past 12 years. She is co-founder of the Translational Medicine Ontology task force, a W3C Healthcare and Life Sciences Interest Group, and serves as the VP of Communications for DAMA Indiana. Christine has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, holds mastery CDMP and CBIP certifications, and is ITIL v3 certified. Christine can be followed at: http://twitter.com/im4infomgt NOTE: Thoughts expressed in blogs and articles are the author's and not her employer's.

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