Highlights from the Semantic Web Media Summit

The Semantic Web Media Summit on September 14 in New York was a great success, a recent article reports. This review of the event covers several sessions including Michael Dunn’s keynote and Mike Petit’s “call to action.” According to the article, Petit noted that “(1) The Semantic Web and its associated technology have become tangible and effective tools for publishers, and (2) Social media have complicated the publishing model and have become indispensable.”

Petit added that “For a maximum revenue opportunity, the time to act on these developments is now, but there are challenges: (1) Control is challenged by social media. (2) Mobile platforms increase demand, but attention spans are shorter. (3) The Web is no longer about finding information; it is now about your content and you being found. (4) Social media can generate premium content, but some brands may not see it that way.”

The Summit also featured a panel “consisting of Rachel Lovinger (Razorfish); Mike Petit (OpenAmplify); Eric Freese (Aptara) and moderated by Christine Connors (TriviumRLG) considered how, in a semantic technology world, structure and meaning can be put together so that content is useful for users.” The article offers an edit transcript of the discussion.

Read more about these and other sessions from the Summit here.

Image: Courtesy Semantic Web Media Summit