Hot Mashups for Finding Hot Meals

The semantic web has a lot in store for businesses, researchers, and government in 2011. But what about the rest of us? One tasty way everyday people can benefit from web 3.0 is through mashups. The three food-finding mashups featured in this article are semantically-powered resources for hungry consumers (no pun intended).

 First on the list is This mashup utilizes the knowledge of a local foodie to provide users with advice regarding the best places for coffee, Italian food, a great cocktail, or whatever cuisine you’re looking for in your city.

Next up is dishtip. This semantic mashup “performs a deep analysis of millions of web based reviews, photos, and content to determine the best dishes for a given location and where to eat them.”

The last mashup you can try to satisfy your appetite for food and semantics is Snoopf. Snoopf is designed to help you find coupons and gift cards to local restaurants.

Image: Courtesy Flickr/ NickNguyen