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How AOL Advertising Uses NoSQL to Make Millions of Smart Targeting Decisions Every Hour

By   /  November 1, 2011  /  No Comments

NoSQL Now! Conference

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About the Presentation

Real-time content, offer and ad targeting decisions must happen quickly. When a user requests information from a web application, a processing clock starts, requiring a decision in as little as 40 msec. Delays in targeting decisions lead to delays in responding to the user. These delays can lead to user dissatisfaction and, ultimately, loss of audience and revenue.

This session describes how AOL Advertising uses Hadoop to create sophisticated user profiles and NoSQL database technology from Couchbase to access those profiles in real-time, with sub-millisecond latency. This architecture leaves the bulk of the processing time budget for improved content, offer and ad targeting and even real-time content customization.

About the Speaker

Matt Ingenthron
Manager of Community Relations


Matt is an experienced web architect with a software development background. He has deep expertise in building, scaling and operating global-scale Java, Ruby on Rails and AMP web applications. In recent years, he has been a core developer on Membase NoSQL open source technology, a contributor to the memcached project, and one of the maintainers of the Java spymemcached client. He is a frequent speaker at technology conferences including MySQL 2011, MySQL 2010, OSCON 2010, Erlang Factory, Cloud Camp San Francisco, Silicon Valley Code Camp, and many others.

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