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How Bad DG Can Harm Healthcare

By   /  October 18, 2012  /  1 Comment

by Angela Guess

Jennifer Dennard of AJC recently shared three ways that poor Data Governance can hurt healthcare. She writes, “We’ve all heard the age old expression, “One bad apple spoils the bunch.” But, have you ever stopped to wonder whether this is actually true? Digging deeper, we discover this idiom is not only rooted in common sense, but also in science. When apples mature, they give off a gas called ethylene that accelerates the ripening process. However, if released too early, this gas has the ability to over-stimulate the ripening process, thus proving that one bad apple can, indeed, ruin all the others. You may be thinking, what do apples have in common with healthcare?”

She goes on, “According to the McKinsey Center for US Health System Reform, ‘Healthcare is now the world’s largest industry – with a value and cost three times greater than the banking sector.’ Continued growth is eminent as healthcare spending on telecommunications services alone is projected to outpace the growth of the $2.8 trillion healthcare industry as a whole by 2017, according to Insight Research Corp. To ensure this forward movement, we must clearly define impediments to growth and re-align our strategy as it relates to data quality in healthcare.  Much like rotten apples during harvest, poor data governance threatens the healthcare industry in the following ways.”

Read the full list here.

  • Angela,

    I authored this post as a guest blogger for @healthflock. Jennifer was very kind to introduce me in the first paragraph as the content provider. Can you please edit ? Thanks in advance!

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