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How Big Data is Changing the BI Landscape

By   /  February 10, 2012  /  No Comments

Lake Toba Sunriseby Angela Guess

Paul Sonderegger recently argued that Big Data is irrevocably changing the roles of BI teams and data modelers. He writes, ” MTV’s first video, Video Killed The Radio Star, captured TV’s disruption of the music industry. Big data is disrupting the BI industry in a similar way — changing what BI teams do and how they do it. It’s not immediately obvious why this should be. Shouldn’t big data be like a DBA right-to-work act? If managing data is what BI teams do today, a greater supply of information should mean their skills are in greater demand. That’s true up to a point, but big data shoots past that point, inverting the relationship.”

Sonderegger continues, ” The volume of big data is such a change in degree that it’s a change in kind. It’s like running a zoo where every morning the number of animals you have grows by orders of magnitude. Yesterday you had three lions. Today you have 300. Big volume isn’t even the big story. The big story is the variety of data and its velocity of change. This is like running a zoo where the number of animals shoots up every morning as does the number of kinds of animals. Yesterday you had 300 lions. Today you have 30,000 animals, including lions, hummingbirds, giant squid, and more.”

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