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How Data Scientists Take the Friction Out of Our World

By   /  September 28, 2015  /  No Comments

vacaby Angela Guess

Stuart Burns recently wrote for The Register, “There’s a lot of hype around data scientists. You can blame big data and the cloud. Data scientists are lauded, hunted and positively desired by those wanting to squeeze the most from their information. In accordance with such demand come large salaries – the average is $123,000 in the US. Like the Yanks of WWII, data scientists are overpaid, oversexed and over here – ‘here’ being the cosy IT establishment we have been familiar with for decades as firms recruit outside the comp-sci arena. But take a moment: do you actually know what these data scientists do? Finding patterns in big data, yeah, but that’s only one small part of a larger subject. Data scientists shape your world in unperceivable ways.”

Burns goes on, “Data science is a broad term that finds a home in web analytics, machine learning, healthcare and biotechnology, amongst others fields. The only commonality is huge amounts of data from which to extract useful information. We all know that as consumers we are mined for data when we connect to any website or service. What you probably don’t appreciate, however, is the degree to which data science wizards have been deployed, and how far their work extends on the other side of that site or service. Take for example the happy prospect of booking a holiday. With big data, it becomes a whole new proposition. The website becomes all about the highly personalised experience for you, and only you. Frictionless is the word that is frequently used.”

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photo credit: Flickr/ jonycunha

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