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How Google Now is Utilizing Big Data

By   /  January 10, 2013  /  No Comments

gnby Angela Guess

MIKE2.0 has posted an article on the Smart Data Collective regarding Google Now and Big Data. According to the article, “Few companies manage information better than Google. If there were an annual award for corporate information management (IM), I’m sure that Google would have won it–or had been in the top three–over the past decade. Why take IM so seriously? Because, quite frankly, without it, Google becomes much, much less valuable. Sans information, how does Google really help us? It helps us find what we want; Google doesn’t directly give us what we want. In other words, we don’t spend much time on google.com. We use it to go to the sites that let us buy things.”

The article goes on, “It turns out that we ain’t seen nothing yet. Google has been fine-tuning Google Now (Google Alerts on steroids.) From a recent TechCrunch article: ‘Google Now is a standard feature of Android Jelly Bean and up. It’s an easily accessible screen that shows you information about your daily commute (because it learns where you go every day and makes an educated guess as to where ‘home’ and ‘work’ are for you), appointments, local weather, upcoming flight and hotel reservations (assuming you give it access to scan your Gmail account) and how your favorite team did last night (it learns that from your search behavior). It also notices when you are not at home and shows you how long it’ll take you to get back to your house, or, if you are travelling, presents you with a list of nearby attractions you may be interested in, the value of the local currency, the time back home and easy access to Google Translate’.”

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photo credit: Google Now

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