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How NetBase is Taking Social Media Analysis to the Next Level

By   /  February 13, 2012  /  No Comments

Bill Ives has commented on NetBase’s recent partnership with SAP

Bill Ives has commented on NetBase’s recent partnership with SAP. Ives writes, “Now here is a good idea. Why not move social media analysis beyond the marketing department to provide its benefits to other groups within the enterprise? This is exactly what NetBase is doing through its reseller relationship and collaboration with SAP.  NetBase reads and analyzes vast amounts of social media data in real time to help organizations understand what people are saying on the Web: what they love (and hate) about brands, categories, issues and trends.”

He continues, “Recently I spoke with NetBase CMO, Lisa Joy Rosner, to catch up on the company’s latest moves. Lisa Joy mentioned that they now have a global partnership with SAP.  In this relationship SAP is repackaging NetBase in an SAP skin as SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase. At the same time NetBase continues to directly market their analytic tools through its existing channels.  SAP has a traditional BI tool, Business Objects, which allows you to do analytics that uses transactional data ie looking at past business results. NetBase complements this as social media can help you see emerging trends and make predictions about the future.”

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Image: Courtesy NetBase

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