How Pinterest is Capitalizing on the Semantic Web

Katherine Gray of Entrepreneur reports, "Pinterest, once the purview of wedding planners and overachieving parents, has become one of the most popular social sharing networks, and has been taking steps to become more of a resource for businesses. And it has a plan for its growth in the months to come. For instance, the site recently rolled out 'rich pins' -- product pins, recipe pins and movie pins -- which provide information such as price, availability and locations where users can purchase items they pin from certain retailers. Today, Pinterest is going a step further with automatic notifications for users when a product they've pinned goes on sale."

Gray continues, "The Pinterest engineering team is working on exploring new ways to connect people to their interests using deep data analysis. By building the 'Interest Graph,' all that data will help 'identify interests through collaborative filtering, associative rule mining, natural language processing,' Jenkins said. So if a user pins a large number of hiking boots, tents and backpacks, Pinterest will deduce an interest in the outdoors and tailor recommendations and search results to better reflect that interest… Dealing with that amount of data is a challenge, of course, which is why Pinterest is aggressively hiring in the areas of machine learning, data mining, operations and infrastructure. And the company plans to bring expanded information such as can be found now with recipe and movie pins to more types of pins in the future."

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Image: Courtesy Pinterest