How Retailers Can Benefit from Knowledge Graph

Barbara Starr has written an article about how retailers can benefit from Google's Knowledge Graph. She writes, "After Google’s Metaweb acquistion, the search engines were all becoming, in baby steps, what I would call 'answer engines.'  Typing in a query such as 'Barack Obama birthday' would yield an answer. I tried it again recently and the result was amazing! Placing semantic markup on your webpages makes them more findable. For shopping sites, the markup information can leveraged so users quickly identify sites that have only the relevant products they seek. Some examples of rich snippets are shown below."

She continues, "Google is now leveraging linked data within the enterprise, which is very clear within the 'Knowledge Graph,' and in some fashion, they are doing so with the consumed information from rich snippets, namely retail, reviews, etc. In this case we specifically refer to the retail aspect and its associated domains/schemas. I actually experienced the benefit of rich snippets myself recently when my router was acting up and I needed a new one. I wanted to purchase an N900 Linksys router. All that properly marked-up data, or consumed knowledge, sent me on a very efficient search to acquire a router. I typed in the search query 'NL900 LinkSys' and found the following item close to the top of the screen."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ tarale