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How the Internet of Things Will Mature in 2016

By   /  January 5, 2016  /  No Comments

immaby Angela Guess

Jim Hunter recently wrote for TechCrunch, “Now that the Internet of Things (IoT) seems to be firmly embedded in our lives, 2016 may be that transformational year when it segues from the ‘gee whiz’ arena into practical, everyday application — along with all that entails in regard to development, policy and standards. Here are some predictions for the IoT as it matures in 2016.”

Hunter goes on, “The same material science that is improving the range of the electric car will increase the duration of battery life for connected devices. This is a pretty important development, and will herald a larger number of wireless IP-based devices. And with this increase in numbers, more “thing” makers will start to offer direct-access APIs to their devices on local networks for other trusted IP-based devices (as opposed to offering exclusive access only through the cloud).”

He continues, “I am also anticipating the emergence of more natural interactions between people and “things” in the coming year — making devices more usable via voice control and semantic modeling and social interplay. This will create ‘thing’ interactions that present less friction between people and technology, which is a prerequisite on the march toward IoT ubiquity. On the visual human/thing-interaction front, we can also expect hologram technology to accelerate in 2016. A selection of APIs, SDKs and new gear will emerge next year and really kick off widespread development of hologram-based “cards” and similar applications.”

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photo credit: Flickr/ Monkey Mash Button

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