How the Internet of Things Will Reshape the World in 2013

Aron Kramer of The Guardian recently predicted long-term changes to the world that will occur in 2013. He writes, "A healthy dose of scepticism is in order whenever one attempts to foresee the future. Events usually make great sense in retrospect, but are difficult to predict at the time. The daily hum of headlines, breaking news and Twitterfeeds may distract us from the underlying changes taking place. With this in mind, the best way to think about 2013 is to consider the long-term changes that are reshaping our world – some with visible effect, and some under the radar."

The first item on Kramer's list: The internet of things. He writes, "GE CEO Jeff Immelt spoke recently about the arrival of the 'industrial internet' – wired machines that can connect with each other. Along with the rise of sensors that can deliver real-time pictures of environmental and other conditions, we are soon to be able to see and understand where and how resources are being used. It is highly likely that we will have the ability to achieve massive improvements in efficiency by making wise use of these technologies. And, of course, there will also be serious privacy dilemmas to manage to ensure such technologies are accepted. Let us make 2013 a year in which companies bring big data and the internet of things more fully into their sustainability strategies."

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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ marsmet481