HP Buys Autonomy, Looks to Sell its PC Business

A new article reports that “Hewlett-Packard is looking to dump -- er, spin out its PC business, and confirms that it has bought database and analytics vendor Autonomy for $10.3 billion. Plus, it is discontinuing its WebOS-based tablets and smartphones. Prepare for a major shift in the tech business and an acceleration of the ‘consumerized IT’ trend in which business users increasingly drive technology adoption and usage -- and traditional IT moves further and further into the back office.”

The article adds, “The Autonomy buy -- if that happens -- would signal not just more momentum for HP in the back office but for the kind forward-looking technology that is a key driver today: smart, contextual analytics. IBM, Oracle, and SAP bought traditional business intelligence vendors a few years back (Cognos, Hyperion, and Business Objects, respectively) to add old-school historic analysis and reporting tools to their ERP systems. But the strategic action today is in looking forward, not backward, so technologies such as Autonomy's contextual search better fit that direction. Big data, semantic analysis, analysis of unstructured data, social sentiment analysis -- all that is about growing the business, and Autonomy plays more in that contextual space than the competitors do.”

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Image: Courtesy HP