iAlbums Alpha's Semantic Search

iAlbums Alpha has launched utilizing a proprietary semantic curation engine. The article states, "iAlbums is the first major development in on-device music players since the launch of the iPod. A free application in the iPhone app store, iAlbums' patent pending semantic engine analyzes the music already existing on one's iPhone or iPod touch and gathers the most relevant and exciting information from over 20 different sources across the web. This content (videos, artwork, photos, artist quotes, lyrics, tweets and more) streams seamlessly into an easy to use feed on the user's player, providing an all encompassing music experience in an interactive app that enhances the existing music files in their mobile libraries."

Gilad Woltsovitch, co-founder of iAlbums stated, “I remember when buying an album was much more than just listening to the music. It was the artwork, lyrics and a whole world to escape into... As music lovers, that’s what we’re trying to create at iAlbums, a music experience that takes you beyond the music, and back to a world where music is more than just an MP3 on your player. We’re excited about this 'alpha' release and can't wait to roll-out the full version this summer.”

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Image: Courtesy iAlbums