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IBM Extends Data Science Collaborative Workspace to the Private Cloud

By   /  May 11, 2017  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

A new press release states, “IBM today announced the availability of a collaborative workspace for private clouds geared towards organizations and data scientists working with sensitive data. Using Data Science Experience Local, data scientists are now able to more easily and quickly collaborate on analytic models and deliver insights that developers can use to build intelligent applications. Increasingly, data scientists are faced with having to work with mountains of data that are pulled into servers and data centers. For some organizations, moving that data to the cloud for greater access and management isn’t an option due to such constraints as volume, siloed systems and compliance requirements.”

The release goes on, “Data Science Experience Local is a completely self-contained and resides within an organization’s own servers and data center. Based on the IBM Data Science Experience, which runs in the public cloud, Local comes with all the necessary software to run and manage the development environment, including local installations of Apache Spark and Object Storage in addition to Data Science Experience services. It runs in Kubernetes, an open source cluster manager that provides a scalable, clustered installation of Data Science Experience with many features that are useful for a private cloud platform, such as service monitoring, administration and high availability. Data scientists working with sensitive data in industries ranging from healthcare to finance, as well as those operating with specific on-premises data management requirements, will be able to use the new solution for collaboration as well as analyzing data from within their own networks more quickly and easily.”

Read more at IBM.com.

Photo credit: IBM

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