IBM Releases DB2 Version 10

Joab Jackson of PC World reports, "IBM has updated its flagship DB2 relational database management software to handle a wider range of data processing duties. The company has also updated its InfoSphere data warehouse software, IBM announced Tuesday." Bernie Spang, IBM's director of strategy and marketing for database systems commented, "We believe we're in a new era of data management. The answer to every data challenge today is not to use a relational database management system. It's about using the right tool for the right job."

Jackson notes, "Both products are faster and work more efficiently, IBM claims. DB2 can cut storage space requirements by up to 90 percent, and InfoSphere can execute queries up to 10 times faster than before, according to IBM. Both products have new capabilities as well. DB2 can now work with the World Wide Web Consortium's RDF (Resource Description Framework) data format. InfoSphere can now communicate with Apache Hadoop deployments."

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Image: Courtesy IBM