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IBM Watson is Going to the Dermatologist

By   /  May 19, 2014  /  No Comments

Neal Ungerleider of Fast Company reports, “Big Blue wants you to get to know Watson better.”


Neal Ungerleider of Fast Company reports, “Big Blue wants you to get to know Watson better. And now that means you could soon encounter the super-computer in a most intimate place–your dermatologist’s office. Early last year IBM announced plans to invest $1 billion into its cognitive-computing platform Watson. That money included $100 million in venture capital for companies developing new ways to use Watson. Today IBM reveals that one of the companies they are investing in will bring artificial intelligence into dermatologists’ offices. Modernizing Medicine, a Florida-based firm which produces iPad software for electronic medical record-keeping, is partnering with IBM to integrate Watson into their software package for dermatologists.”


He continues, “IBM says the early version of their software, which will launch later this year, is designed to speed up medical coding and note-taking for dermatologists’ offices. It uses natural language processing, and what IBM calls ‘hypothesis generation capabilities’ when treating patients with possible skin cancers and other dermatological conditions. Watson will be available to dermatologists through either a dedicated iPad app or a web portal… The Modernizing Medicine announcement is part of a larger IBM agenda announced on Friday, including apps by third-party providers that integrate Watson’s API into their services. The $100 million VC investment was designed to help fund uses for Watson that IBM can’t or would rather not develop on their own.”


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