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IBM’s Big Data Bet

By   /  November 2, 2012  /  No Comments

by Angela Guess

Peter Cohan of Forbes reports, “International Business Machines (IBM) has three ways to profit from corporate and government spending on technology — services, hardware, and software. And thanks to Big Data, Big Blue is poised to use all three to add millions to its bottom line. As he explained in an October 26 interview, Michael Schroeck, Global Information Management Leader, IBM Global Business Services, believes that IBM can help organizations using all three of those while tapping into a $64 billion market.”

He goes on, “On October 17, IBM and Oxford’s Said School of Business published the results of a global big data survey of ‘more than 1,110 business and IT professionals in 95 countries.’ A key finding of the survey is that ‘less than half’ of the organizations surveyed collect and analyze data from social media. One reason is they don’t know how to manage data uncertainty that goes hand in hand with information about ‘weather, the economy, or the sentiment and truthfulness of people expressed on social networks.’ Not only do they not trust social media data, but organizations lack the skills required to analyze unstructured data that ‘does not fit in traditional databases such as text, sensor data, geospatial data, audio, images and video’.”

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photo credit: IBM

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