Image Search for the Perfect Pair of Shoes


According to a new article out of Mobile Marketing and Technology, there has been a breakthrough in the area of image search. The author states, "British company Cortexica has developed the first software in the world that will help consumers to purchase the perfect pair of shoes. Launching on March 19th, 'FindSimilar™ for Shoes' takes a photo of any sort of footwear and then analyses it against a database of images.  Working like a ‘visual search engine’ it displays a range of shoes with similar characteristics such as shape, colour and design and allows the consumer to choose from a tailored selection.  The technology works by mimicking the way the brain processes images and finds similarities."


The article continues, "The software, when embedded into an app or fashion website, will act as a personal shopping assistant.  Users can photograph a pair of shoes they like from a magazine or shop window and the software delivers similar, potentially better options.  These alternative options could save the customer money or help them to find more desirable products. This is the first time that technicians have been able to programme computers to identify and recognise shapes in this way.  Shape is particularly important when searching imagery of shoes, handbags or fashion accessories."


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Image: Courtesy Cortexica