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Imminent Changes in Data Center Infrastructure

By   /  December 30, 2015  /  No Comments

data center x300The transformations that data centers have undergone over the past decade are nothing short of remarkable. According to writer Kamel Abid when discussing the development of data centers says that a data center is, “a computing facility with infrastructure and storage elements plugged on secured power supply. Therefore, we can consider ENIAC as the grandfather of the datacenters we know today. ENIAC was built by the US Army to store artillery firing codes. No other computer had comparable storage and calculation capacity in history. The entire installation required more than 160 square meters. It was a great hardware innovation. A great industrial innovation as well.”

He then continues to discuss ARCNET and other significant advances, following it up (being an IT data center professional as well) with, “We – IT guys – used to reign within companies, coached by hardware brands and innovation in the past. We used to explain how important it is to have full 100Mb/s network or SCSI external storage…We used to dictate what is compatible with what. But in the 90s the IT penetration rate increased also in the consumer world, so we were not the only ones to think we understood IT anymore. The end-users were becoming more and more powerful. The Internet which reached an inflection point toward mass-market adoption in the mid-1990s, brought a feeding frenzy to datacenter adoption in the late years of the 90s. As companies began demanding a permanent presence on the Internet, the data center as a service model became common for most companies. But the most important change that describes this schism is that we don’t care anymore about infrastructure and I’ll explain it further more.”

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Charles Roe is the Digital Content Manager at DATAVERSITY. He is responsible for both the article and blogging programs, as well as the DATAVERSITY Training Center. He has been a professional freelance writer and copy editor for more 15 years, and has been writing for the Data Management industry since 2009. Charles has written on a range of industry topics in numerous articles, white papers, and research reports including Data Governance, Big Data, NoSQL technologies, Data Science, Cognitive Computing, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Information Architecture, Data Modeling, Executive Management, Metadata Management, and a host of others. Charles is backed with advanced degrees in English, History, and a Cambridge degree in Language Instruction. He worked for almost 20 years as an instructor of English, History, Culture, and Writing at the college level in the USA, Europe, and Turkey. He writes creatively in his spare time.

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