Improving Customer Interaction with Machine Learning


Rick Delgado of Tech Cocktail reports, "The one thing most businesses strive for is to make sure their customers are happy.In the past, the approach to this was fairly simple, engaging the customer through cheerful face-to-face interaction and seeing to all their needs personally. But as technology advances, more and more business dealings are taking place online, away from the face-to-face model that served so well for years. Many businesses are now turning to machine learning as the solution to improve customer interaction."


Delgado continues, "With businesses collecting enormous amounts of data, the information has to be readily available. Many companies are turning to flash storage systems as the means to store and analyze all that data. With flash storage, data can be analyzed in real time, providing quick and efficient information utilized by machine learning to provide an optimized customer experience. The more data that can be analyzed, the more accurate a program’s predictive abilities will be, leading to more satisfied and loyal customers. We’ve only reached the tip of the iceberg for what machine learning can do to improve a business’s interactions with its customers. As technology continues to improve, machine learning’s uses and applications will be better understood, and online business experiences will only become more personal and fulfilling."


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Image: Courtesy Flickr/ MoneyBlogNewz