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Improving the Performance of Google Shopping Ads in AdWords

By   /  July 14, 2014  /  1 Comment

Frederick Vallaeys of Search Engine Land recently wrote, “By late August, Product Listing campaigns for AdWords will be retired in favor of Shopping campaigns.”


Frederick Vallaeys of Search Engine Land recently wrote, “By late August, Product Listing campaigns for AdWords will be retired in favor of Shopping campaigns, so if you haven’t started migrating, don’t delay much longer. You can run both campaign types simultaneously, so start tweaking Shopping campaigns now so that they’ll be performing great by the time PLAs go away later this summer… Unlike with Search ads which are entirely managed in AdWords, a lot of the settings for Shopping ads are handled outside of the AdWords interface. They get their titles, images, descriptions and promotions from feeds in the Google Merchant Center. While you can use the AdWords interface to set bids, structure campaigns and set up product groups, you will need to work with your product feed if you want to have ads appear for different keywords. How to manipulate the feed depends on its size and how it is generated.”


He goes on, “With small product feeds, you can use the familiar Google Sheets interface to view and edit the feed using a link in the Merchant Center. For large feeds, things get a lot more complicated… You can view the feed by downloading it from the Merchant Center; but, any edits you make have to be done either manually or through the tool used to generate the feed. Large feeds are almost always generated automatically so making changes while also maintaining data accuracy when the feed automatically regenerates is not trivial. I won’t cover the specifics of that here, but instead will focus on what to change rather than how to change it.”


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