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Inbenta Chatbot Creation Platform Enables Artificial Intelligence Customer Support

By   /  July 13, 2016  /  No Comments

inbby Angela Guess

According to a new release out of the company, “Inbenta (https://www.inbenta.com), the Natural Language search platform powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), today announced availability of its ‘Chatbot Creation Platform’ for websites, Facebook Messenger and Skype. The new plugin gives businesses a simple way to create and deploy customer support messenger bots; providing their customers with a real-time chat experience that combines a hybrid of AI self-service support and on-demand live agent chat. Integrated with Inbenta’s powerful semantic search technology, the Chatbot Creation Platform enables a company to leverage its existing knowledge base to create the chatbot experience. The knowledge base — or customer FAQs — are no more than a sequence of answers to common questions; because the content is founded on natural language, the customer exchange becomes a two-way conversation.”

The release continues, “How it works: (1) Powered by human language: Inbenta chatbots apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence to a computer interface. With Inbenta’s unique NLP, customers find the right FAQ even when they type totally different keywords — for example ‘Can I bring my Doberman’ would match a FAQ that states ‘Can I carry on my pet?’ A conversational response requires no additional training, metadata or manual input. (2) Real-time: Semantic search technology instantly accesses information via the company’s knowledge base (FAQs) to find the most relevant answer in real time. (3) Effortless setup: Using just a few lines of code, businesses are up and running with their own branded chatbot in a matter of weeks.”

Read more at MarketWired.

Photo credit: Inbenta

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