Infographic: The Importance of RDFa

Mind Development and Design has shared an infographic on The Importance of RDFa. The article states, "RDFa (or Resource Description Framework – in – attributes) is a W3C Recommendation that adds a set of attribute-level extensions to HTML, XHTML and various XML-based document types for embedding rich metadata within Web documents. What does that mean? It means that RDFa give your content more meaning… it allows content to make sense to the search engines."

It continues, "Right now, when a bot crawls your site, it only picks up content and spits it back out — it has no idea what that content really means. With RDFa, the bots can now identify specific information through implementation of RDFa code and appropriate snippets. Take a look below at how RDFa works!"

See the full infographic here.

Image: Courtesy MIND