How InkaBinka is Using NLP to Bring You the News


Timothy Prickett Morgan of EnterpriseTech recently wrote, "The premise behind a new startup called InkaBinka, which launched this month and which is only a year old, is that none of us have the time to keep up with what is going on in the world… And to that end, InkaBinka has come up with a different kind of news aggregation service that finds those salient facts from combing through multiple news sources and presents it simply in four bullet points with imagery that its co-founders say helps the human brain retain that data better than sitting through what InkaBinka disparagingly calls 'the long read.' "


Morgan continues, "The idea behind InkaBinka is simple enough, and it has some echoes of Twitter, which sounded downright silly to many people at first. What can you say that is meaningful in 140 characters? Enough to start a war, as it turns out. (It would not be surprising for Twitter or Facebook or another Web giant to snap up InkaBinka if the service, which launched two weeks ago, takes off.) InkaBinka chews on the content on the Internet and compresses it down to four bullet points of 425 words, plus some still imagery, that can be consumed by most readers in about 20 seconds."


He adds, "The natural language processing algorithms at InkaBinka that cull through news articles to pull out the key ideas are written for Windows servers in C#. Many of these algorithms are homegrown, but InkaBinka is making use of AlchemyAPI, a text mining and semantic analysis suite, to chew through the news to find the nuggets to make bullets. The back-end data store is not SQL Server, but Couchbase."


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Image: Courtesy InkaBinka