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Innography Announces Breakthrough Intellectual Property Search and Analysis Features

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Innography, the innovative provider of better intellectual property answers for improved business results, today announces its Summer 2013 Release.

AUSTIN, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Innography, the innovative provider of better intellectual property answers for improved business results, today announces its Summer 2013 Release. The new features in Advanced Analysis empower IP professionals and business users with rapid and unique insights resulting from real-time analyses and visualizations of up to 60,000 patents at a time. Enhanced graphing tools create compelling visualizations of vast patent datasets, enabling users to instantly analyze competitive and market IP trends.

“We worked directly with our clients on identifying the highest impact features and capabilities that would help them derive even better IP analyses and answers, and our product team has crafted a terrific release as a result,” said John F. Martin, chief executive officer and chairman of Innography. “Due to our commitment to innovation and our consistent R&D investment, clients can count on best-in-class capabilities from Innography both today and in the future.”

The Summer 2013 Release provides users with expanded and unique features, including:

Innography Playbooks, the focus of a recent IDC Insight Report, automate the work of IP professionals and high-level IP business activities such as licensing, competitive intelligence and patent portfolio analysis into simple, easy-to-use workflows. Effective today, Playbooks are part of the commercial Advanced Analysis license package.

Directed Semantic Search is leading the industry as the most user-friendly, intuitive tool for exposing information that would otherwise be hidden in the obtuse language of many patent disclosures. The feature allows semantic analysis within a portfolio, against patents of a particular company or against Innography’s entire database of nearly 90 million patents.

Global Enhancements feature continually expanding international patents, now from over 100 jurisdictions, encompassing the addition of Chinese-translated patent information including abstract, first-page clipping and citations to the Innography dataset.

Expanded Visualizations include stunning new honeycomb charts for patent litigation, revenue evaluation and patent activity by topic, as well as new visualizations for analyzing portfolio strength and longevity. New export capabilities make the visualization dynamic, allowing users to export the graphs and data to Microsoft Excel for further refinement and formatting.

About Innography

Innography provides better answers to questions about intellectual property to help organizations improve their business results. Innography’s proprietary software suite combines unique correlation and visualization technologies to enable users to quickly gain valuable insights for managing, extending and exploiting their patent portfolios. Founded in 2007 and based in Austin, Texas, Innography is the world’s premier Intellectual Property Business Intelligence (IPBI) provider. For more information about Innography, please visit www.Innography.com.

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Original Release: Business Wire

Image: Courtesy Innography

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