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Innovation in Data Management Accelerating Neuroscience, Virtual Reality

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A recent press release states, “Igneous’ cloud-native solution – consisting of Igneous DataDiscover, Igneous DataProtect and Igneous DataFlow – delivers superior data visibility, efficient data protection and automated data movement to data-centric organizations like Paige.AI, regardless of where datasets reside. ‘At Paige.AI we are using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the clinical diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Igneous is able to provide intelligent data management that enables us to analyze an immense volume of unstructured pathology data,’ says Dr. Brandon Rothrock, Senior AI Scientist at Paige.AI. ‘We rely on Igneous’ expertise in unstructured data management to help us succeed with our mission’.”

The release goes on, “Igneous is the first to deliver the required capabilities of UDM at scale: continuous data visibility, search and classification; backup, archive and disaster recovery of all files and objects; and automated dataset movement based on data lifecycle requirements – via a single API-enabled solution. ‘We are unique in delivering all aspects of UDM in a single ’as-a-Service’ solution, for all unstructured data,’ says Christian Smith, VP of Products at Igneous. ‘Our customers get the benefits of visibility, classification, analysis, protection and data mobility without having to rip and replace their existing storage investments. And our unprecedented performance and support for any NAS or object interface and private or public cloud service gives agility and choice back to our customers’.”

Read more at Globe Newswire.

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