Intenuum Introduces the TeeVlog

Intenuum recently announced that it has launched its first product, TeeVlog, which is based on “State-of-the-Art semantic search and smart learning algorithm. TeeVlog™ pushes customized TV-related content based on multi-path input instead of inputting one-path registered user based recommendation. In addition to core ‘search and smart learning technology’, Intenuum has also implemented SNS (Social Network Service) features to provide users the easiest way to share information they find from the services.”

Sean Park, CTO of Intenuum stated, “Our intention is to maximize user’s enjoyment around TV content. And the way we promote TV related products will be very different from conventional method since product information is blended into content being reflected as useful information, not as spam-like advertisement. I believe this will change the landscape of distributing advertisement for the manufacturers.” The article continues, “‘Kiwi™' is Intenuum’s hardware-free software connectivity solution for M2M2TV (Mobile-to-Mobile-to-TV). ‘Kiwi™' does not require extra hardware to be connected as long as users are within the Wi-Fi network. This is the most cost effective and hassle-free connectivity solution. Currently, ‘TeeVlog™' is available as downloadable apps for both Android mobile devices and iPad™. iPhone™ app will be available in July, 2011.”

Image: Courtesy TeeVlog