Internet Hall of Fame Inductees on the Future of the Web


Leonard Kleinrock of Wired reports, "[On Friday] in Hong Kong 24 new inductees were welcomed into the Internet Hall of Fame, which was launched by the Internet Society in 2012 to recognize individuals who have pushed the boundaries of technological and social innovation through the design and advancement of the global Internet. Because I was a member of the original inductee class, the Hall of Fame asked me to interview some of this year’s inductees about their visions for the future of the Internet, and what obstacles might stand in the way of these ideals. Hailing from Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America, these inductees provided interesting insights into how the Internet is likely to evolve over the next decade in their corners of the globe, and what we as a global society need to do to prepare for the coming challenges of this evolution."


Asked how the internet will evolve over the next ten years, Srinivasan Ramani -- establisher of the first international Internet connection from India -- commented, "The coverage and quality of Internet access over the cell phone is not great in many parts of the world. Innovation is required to fix this. I will bet on low altitude satellites. They don’t give you 4G bandwidth, but can give text-level data to everyone who needs it all over the world! Early work on the Internet dealt with information plumbing—getting the data out there, accurately and reliably. Plumbing made civilization possible, but what really matters is what the plumbing carries. Technology for education that is being created using facilities that the Internet offers will have a big impact. So, will the semantic web — which deals with coding information so that it 'makes sense' to computers."


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Image: Courtesy Internet Hall of Fame